Robin Wow

The Story of Robin Wow

Robin Wow invented the new economic system of Wowism in 2009 and he is the founder of WowApp. Get to know his story, motivations and vision in the exclusive interview below:

How did you come up with the idea of Wowism?

Capitalism has brought prosperity. Globalization has enabled easier trade and travel. Technological advances have allowed us to have more access to information and increased our computing power. When combined however, Capitalism with Globalization and Technological Advanced has a massively toxic effect on our society. It fuels income inequality and ultimately benefits only the top 1%. This leads to massive unhappiness in society. The economic phenomenon of the 1% benefiting while everyone loses is not sustainable. As the middle class suffers and turns into the poor, the unhappiness in society will demand for new and different forms of leadership as already seen in the UK and the US. When looking at the dangerous rise in income inequality I thought of a new way of sharing that would create an economy that works for everyone and not only for the 1%.

Why is WowApp necessary in today’s world?

Because the current economic realities don’t work for most people and because they are not sustainable. The system is already showing its cracks, unless the rising trend in income inequality will be turned around, the situation will only get worse. WowApp offers a solution with an economic system that is fair for everyone!

Who should use WowApp?

Everyone who feels the current economic system is not working well for them. Anyone who wants to make a difference in the world. Anyone who likes to do good and to be fairly compensated for their contributions. By using WowApp you show the world that you want to make a difference, that you believe in sharing and that you refuse to simply work for the 1% for free.

What has WowApp achieved so far?

We have created an economic system where money is shared with members without a member having to make any financial contribution. Every day our members earn and share. The basic economic engine is working, now our focus is on increasing the earnings and bringing in more partners to make the economy significant for everyone.

What is next for WowApp?

Earnings are increasing and more and more of our members will earn significant amounts of money. Every time our members earn they do good in the world through a cause they chose for contribution. This means that every time a member uses WowApp, economic gain is created and that member is doing good for a cause he/she cares about. Together we will make the world a better place!

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