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How to Help Animals through WowApp

Most pet owners love their companion animals as much as they would love their own children. And there is no wonder. Many times, animals proved to be more intelligent, affectionate and protective than their human counterparts. To hurt these innocent creatures is a true crime, but nevertheless there are many cases of animal cruelty and..... Read more
Children at school

How to Contribute to Education with WowApp

According to UNICEF, there are over 59.3 million children of primary school-age who are being denied their basic human right to education. Without access to schooling, their future opportunities are dramatically limited. And what’s even worse is that the number of out-of-school children is continuously increasing. Most children without access to education live in countries..... Read more

How to Help Children in Need with WowApp

Even though we like to think of ourselves as the most evolved species out there, the truth is that as children we are helpless. Without the constant care and support of an adult, food, shelter, access to healthcare and education, we wouldn’t be able to survive, grow and become who we are supposed to be...... Read more
Doing Good

Contribute to Your Favorite Cause with WowApp

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” (Mother Theresa) Truthful to our mission to build a more equitable world, in WowApp we share 70-80% of our net revenues with our members! As a WowApp member, you..... Read more