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The Story Behind WowApp Awards

Enjoy a fun, colorful and exciting journey through centuries and civilizations with WowApp Awards! The actions you perform on our platform are rewarded with virtual badges of honor that show your progress with each earning method. Whether it’s a Pretty Dino, a Tangled Mummy, the Mother of Popcorn or the Paradise Forest, each Award consists..... Read more

WowCoins – The Currency of the Wowism Economy

At WowApp, we share 70-80% of our net revenue with our members, who themselves can also donate their earnings to charity or cash them out. This way, WowApp supports the new economic system of Wowism, in which the majority of economic benefit is shared with the community and, in turn, each member of the community..... Read more
Shop Online

Shop for Your Needs and Get Cashback

Shopaholics, be aware! You can now earn money by doing what you do best, SHOPPING! Yes, it’s true, if you click on the “Go Shop!” button, in the Earnings tab of your WowApp mobile app, or sign into your WowApp account from your computer, you can browse through a huge selection of online stores and..... Read more
Smart Slide

Earn WowCoins by Opening Your Phone

How many times do you open your phone a day? Most of us do it a hundred times if not even more often than that. And, in most cases, your lockscreen only does one job: opening your phone. With Smart Slide from WowApp, your phone’s lockscreen just got a whole lot smarter! You can read..... Read more

Have Fun Playing Games and Earn Real Money

We’re sure you’ve heard of a lot of gamers that make a lot of money playing video games. We’re also pretty sure that you’ve daydreamed of becoming one. But, you would have to invest a lot of money in a computer, then invest time and effort. Well, we have some good news, all you daydreaming..... Read more
App & Web Use

Earn from App & Web Use

What if chatting with friends, sharing files and making calls would not only be free but would also bring you earnings? In WowApp, that is exactly the case: you enjoy the many great features of our app for free and you are also rewarded with WowCoins for your daily activities. 100 WowCoins = $ 1..... Read more