Instant Earn

Introducing Instant Earn: Fun and Interesting Activities that Pay Off

You’re probably watching at least one video on your smartphone every day and you also install apps on your device on a regular basis. How about doing these activities and earning money from them at the same time? Yes, this is now possible with the new Instant Earn feature in WowApp.

All you have to do is tap on “Instant Earn” in the “Earnings” tab of your WowApp mobile app, browse through the offers we bring you and start completing fun activities.

For example, you can earn WowCoins and get entertained at the same time by watching interesting videos. A new video is available for you every hour. You can also earn WowCoins by installing useful apps on your Android device or by reaching a certain level in a game. And, as your opinion is valuable for us and for our Instant Earn partners, you earn WowCoins from filling in different surveys too.

Why is it called “Instant Earn”? you might ask. Well, that’s because you receive the WowCoins from these activities in your WowApp account instantly and you are notified in up to 10 minutes about the exact amount you earned.

So go check the offers in Instant Earn in your WowApp mobile app now and choose the activities that are most interesting and fun for you. As with any other WowApp earnings, a portion of what you make will automatically be donated to a cause of your choosing or, if you want, you can donate the whole amount to any of the 2,000 charities we work with. As usual, we also give you the option of cashing in the money for yourself. Either way, with WowApp’s Instant Earn you do good every day.