Universal Basic Income – A Solution to Income Inequality

Since the WowApp launch in 2015, we made it our mission to fight income inequality worldwide. It is simply unfair that a few billionaires should own as much as the rest of the entire globe’s population combined!

Together we can put a stop to income inequality and solve one of the world’s biggest problems right now. This is why we are introducing the concept of UBI (Universal Basic Income) in WowApp. Through UBI, we want to create a world where every human being is empowered and has access to a daily minimum income.


What is Universal Basic Income?

UBI (Universal Basic Income) is the concept of rewarding active and loyal members in WowApp. Every active member will receive an amount of WowCoins every day calculated based on an algorithm. We believe that this way of sharing rewards is fairer as it recognizes and compensates the people most loyal to the concept.


How can you collect your daily Universal Basic Income?

All you have to do to get your daily UBI is to log into your WowApp account every day and collect it.

Once you open the app, you are prompted to collect your daily UBI by simply tapping the “Collect” button. Don’t forget to collect your UBI EVERY DAY from the app before it expires, otherwise you will miss your reward on that day.

You can see in the app how much time you have to collect before your daily UBI expires.


What happens if you miss your daily Universal Basic Income?

If you do not log into WowApp to collect your daily UBI, you will lose both your UBI and your Network Earnings. The lost amounts will be added back to the balance (called the Pot) and will be redistributed the next day to those who were active.


What is the Pot?

The Pot is the shared treasure of the WowApp community and it includes all the rewards generated by the loyalty of all active members. Your daily UBI is an amount of the rewards available in the Pot at that moment and is calculated based on an algorithm.

Any uncollected rewards go back to the Pot and are redistributed the next day to active members.


How can you get more Universal Basic Income?

The amount of UBI available depends on the loyalty of the entire WowApp community. The greater the loyalty, the bigger the amount of UBI available.

To increase loyalty, use WowApp daily, invite your friends to join you and keep them engaged. Use WowApp for chatting, calling, shopping and playing games on a daily basis.


Join us in the fight against income inequality and see your daily rewards increase with WowApp!