How to Help Animals through WowApp

Most pet owners love their companion animals as much as they would love their own children. And there is no wonder. Many times, animals proved to be more intelligent, affectionate and protective than their human counterparts. To hurt these innocent creatures is a true crime, but nevertheless there are many cases of animal cruelty and abandonment. In the U.S. alone, approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter animal shelters every year. Of these, approximately 1.5 million are euthanized (670,000 dogs and 860,000 cats).

The same applies to wild life, with around 10,000 animal species being endangered or critically endangered to be extinct due to human intervention. The top endangered species are the Amur leopard, with only 40 of them left, the Javan rhinoceros (60 left), the panther (only 80 left), the red wolf (100 left), the California condor (130). Most popular cases of animals facing extinction involve the lovely giant pandas, with around 1,000 left, the Grizzly bears (500), the camels (950) or the Bengal tigers (around 2,000 left).

Unfortunately, there’s nothing to be done to reverse these shocking numbers, but there are many solutions to prevent them from getting any worse. Many organizations, charities and foundations are aimed at protecting endangered species, offering veterinary care to both wild and domestic animals, reduce cruelty towards animals and stop organized cruelty such as dog fighting contests. Each of us can make a contribution to help animals live a better life. You can do so even without spending any of your own money. All you have to do is use WowApp for your usual everyday activities (chat with friends, place audio/video calls, play online games, shop online and many more) and you will then earn money within the app. A portion of your earnings is automatically distributed to the charity of your choice. In addition, you have the option to donate up to 100% of your WowApp earnings. You can even check your contribution progress with our Doing Good Streak, which shows you how many days in a row you’ve been contributing to your supported charities.

Donating with WowApp is easy and any amount, as small as it might seem, makes a difference. The minimum amount you can donate through WowApp is 10 ¢ ( US$ ) or 10 WowCoins, as 1 WowCoins = 1 ¢ ( US$ ). To prove just how simple it is to donate, 56% of daily cashout transactions made by WowApp members are donations.

At the moment, there are 174 charities dedicated to animals in over 110 countries available in WowApp that you can choose from to donate your earnings. Whether their mission is to help domestic animals being adopted or fight for the conservation of different endangered wild species, there must be at least one charity among all these that supports a cause you believe in. So pick the one that is closest to your heart and start using WowApp today to rescue animals from around the world.